we introduced ourselves from behind a rifle Detective Stan Connally, on arriving at the Harris house on 4/20/99. Imagine opening your door to police officers pointing rifles at you :( Unfortunately, I bet the Harris’ were expecting this little visit. (via mrs-ericharris)

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Q: Who do you think would be a better boyfriend ?why?details please


Overall? I think Dylan. But I’m not going to leave it at that, I’m going to break it up into the pros and cons of each boy and describe each, okay?

Pros for Eric:

Protective- Eric would have been extremely protective as a boyfriend, making sure that no one would ever lay a hand on his girlfriend. If he saw someone flirting, touching, or making any contact that he deems as a threat, he would have most likely confronted whoever it was. He would have most likely either told him to “fuck off”, send death threats, or did a Rebel Mission on his house and/or car. I believe with a boyfriend like Eric, she would most definitely feel safe, and since he respected women he was infatuated with, he would make sure that she was comfortable with him as well.

Less Shy With Her- Eric was shy and insecure, but from what Alyssa Sechler has stated, he ran up to her, told her how beautiful she was and gave her a huge hug. He wouldn’t have enjoyed public affection too much, but I feel like he would enjoy a subtle way to show everyone that she was his and no one and nothing will change that, such as a hug, putting his arm around her, or holding hands. He would have liked to show her off as long as she showed him off too, so by talking highly about him infront of friends, or family, he would have liked that, and as a “reward” he would have showed her off too by bringing her to meet his family, friends, taking her out to romantic dates, etc. I don’t think he would have cared too much about what people thought about their relationship as long as she showed him that she felt the same way.

Cons of Eric:

Jealous/Possessive- Eric would have wanted to be the top of her priorities and would hate it if she ever said, “Oh, I can’t do that, I’m going out with some friends today” or “I’m sorry, I’m busy.” He would grow extremely insecure and I can imagine him making her feel bad about it, saying “Oh, I see, I’m used to it.” (he used that excuse on the letter he wrote to Jen.) He would have given her his world and he would expect her to give him her world. He would be an amazing boyfriend as long as she cooperated with him and listened to all his needs, wants, and wishes. If he notices that she is acting different and won’t give him an answer, then I think he would stay distant until she gave him attention again. Eric needed attention, he needed a girl to tell him that everything will be okay, that he is handsome, that he is intelligent, that he is sexy, he even admitted that if he got more compliments, then he would have second guessed the massacre. He wanted to feel needed as a man, in every way a man should be needed— emotionally, sexually, and physically. He also wanted a woman who had opinions and wasn’t afraid to express her opinions. He was genuinely interested in the intelligence in woman, he asked Jen “deeper” questions, and seemed extremely uninterested when Brandi was talking about pointless things in the “Eric Harris in Columbine” video.

Pros of Dylan:

Loyal/Caring- Dylan, no matter what, would never believe in cheating. Cheating would have been one of those things that he couldn’t even think about. If he met a girl who loved him as much as he loved her, then he would have tried to give her everything he could to make her happy. If that means giving up something he loves (spending less time of the computer, quitting smoking if she didnt like smokers, etc.) then he would have, as long as it made her happy. I think he would have tried to make her feel great about her self in other ways that weren’t verbal, because he wasn’t a verbal person. I think he would have wrote her poetry often and held her hand. If she was going through a difficult time with something such as depression, anxiety, an eating disorder, self harm, etc. than I think he would do everything in his power to help her because he had a mental illness as well so I think he would hate for her to feel the way he felt. I believe telling her that he loved her had to be a daily thing, but it would be in a place where it was just the two of them. Public affection wouldn’t go any further than a kiss, he was too insecure to do anything more such as making out, but I do think he would like to hold hands with her to get the point out to people that she was his.

Romanticism- In his journal, he wrote that he believed in romanticism and he also mentioned that he would love to cuddle with his love. I can see him enjoying smaller things such as cuddling on his bed while they watched a movie, taking a nap together during the day, going out for a walk, along with more excessive things such as a romantic dinner or traveling with her somewhere they both want to go. He would have cherished every moment they were together.

Cons of Dylan:

Expecting Too Much- Since Dylan loved so hard, he expected so much from love. The thing was, Dylan was never truly in love, he just loved from afar. He didn’t know how difficult a meaningful relationship was and therefore, I think he would have taken small fights extremely personal and to be honest, if him and his girlfriend ever got in a fight, I think he would have been so frustrated and scared that he would lose her, that it would have made him very emotional and he would have wanted to be alone in that moment. I mentioned this in another post that I think he would have dipped into alcohol as a way to show her how badly her decisions could affect him. I don’t think he would have been as possessive as Eric, but I do think he would have gotten jealous very easily, I just don’t think he would have been very verbal about his jealousy.

All in all, I do believe that Eric and Dylan would have been great boyfriends if the woman they loved treated them the way they deserved to be treated. And with love and compassion that she would give to him, they both would have remained loyal. However, I think overall, Dylan would be a “better” boyfriend, just because he would have been less possessive and much more laid back, as for Eric would would have gotten defensive very easily and very, very hard to please.

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